September 2, 2013

fall pop-up shop


I'm taking a brief pause in sharing photos from my trip to Paris, to post about a small pop-up shop that I'm doing via Instagram. As I was organizing my closet recently, it occurred to me that I own far too many shoes and dresses that just aren't getting enough love! Some have never even been worn for various reasons (such as having received them as a gift and not being my size), and others have been worn minimally for special occasions only. Come take a peek at my closet and follow @shophallovalerie while you're at it!


On sale for $35 + shipping




$35 + shipping


$50 + shipping

Some more info about purchasing: sales are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Whoever comments with the words, "Mine!" on the Instagram image of the item, will be committing to buying the item. All payment is done via Paypal and I ship Internationally as well! Since this is a pop-up shop, all sales are final and you can email me with any questions at Have a great week x

August 29, 2013

solace in paris - pt 2


rodin from behind

Although this was my third visit to Paris, I had never visited the Rodin museum before.
On my first trip five years ago, I did all of the touristy must-do's. It's quite exhausting to
keep up that kind of itinerary and as I get older, I simply don't have the patience for it all.
The Rodin museum was the perfect in-between because its garden is so spacious that you
can invariably find a nice spot by the massive hydrangea bushes or a fat hedge, as I did.

pom poms
rodin front

My sister Vanessa near the prettiest flower wall. We all need flower walls in our lives.

flower buds

gates of hell

The Gates of Hell, one of many wonderful Rodin works.


At times I didn't feel too far from the Gates of Hell (hah), meaning that my fever was making me feel as though I was near a burning fire, or just the hot Parisian sun! Of course I'm slightly dramatizing the situation, but it's true that I was in the midst of one pesky cold that wouldn't budge. The garden did provide momentary solace in Paris - or namely from the hot metro which only made my aforementioned sickness feel amplified. Lucky photographs can omit my endless tissue trail and capture the true beauty that was present in that little paradise!


August 24, 2013

an optimist in paris - pt 1


Somehow summer days have a habit of passing by quicker than ordinary rest-of-the-year days. It's certainly true in my case, as I can't believe Paris was one month ago. Earlier this summer I decided to visit my sister who lives in England; however I couldn't pass the opportunity to see Thom Yorke perform at Le Zénith, so we planned a weekend getaway to Paris. On the first day of my visit, I lounged at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont for hours like a true local. I was incredibly jet-lagged so the only thing that I wanted to experience was a seine boat ride at night...

seine bridges
the facades

seine with boat


It was everything that I could have asked for and more! The seine was lined with picnics,
and boisterous locals who waved at passing boats. The sun started setting at 11pm which
meant that all of the landmarks were covered in a pink glow. A night to remember always.

the bridge


lit up bridge
notre dame

The following morning I woke up with a full blown cold, which meant that my hopes of being an optimist in Paris were going to be challenged- bah! Nevertheless, we went on to visit some super dreamy spots that I'll be sharing throughout the week! x

Have any of you ever taken a seine boat ride?